Evelyn’s has been open for one year.  Looking back, it seems like Evelyn’s has been in downtown Buffalo forever.  Not in an exhausting forever, but an “I feel like I’ve belonged here forever.”  Thank you to all of our customers and the community for making this year one of the most fulfilling and challenging years of my life.

I get asked alot for the story behind Evelyn’s.  I am not a chef who formerly worked tirelessly in someone else’s kitchen.    I have not been in the industry forever and finally opened my own place.  I do not come from a family of restaurateurs.  Evelyn was not in the business, she was simply my grandma whom I loved and missed and I knew she’d be tickled and think “it was the berries” that I named this new adventure Evelyn’s Wine Bar & Bistro.

The story is, I simply did not understand why downtown Buffalo did not have a place like Evelyn’s and I wanted to own and be a part of a place like Evelyn’s.  It’s such a beautiful and special downtown. Quaint shops, cobblestone street, old buildings, old-fashioned movie theater.  Why wasn’t there a place like Evelyn’s to eat and have a glass of wine?  You probably know the rest if you’ve read the “our story” page on our website.

But, also…the timing was right.  I was in an unfulfilling job, I had a desire to be a part of the community, I had the support of the city and chamber of commerce (thank you!), and I had entrepreneurial experience.  Most of all, I have a supportive husband and two daughters who gave me the courage to take the leap.  It was the perfect storm of circumstances. So, I did my research, I met with industry experts, and I built my business plan.

There have been many challenges and some frightening slow days and weeks.  But, most days have been absolutely wonderful.  I have a great team of employees.  They are fun to work with and they care about Evelyn’s and want you to enjoy your time here.  That has been a blessing. Best of all, we have very special customers.  You come in happy, you want to support us, you ask how we are doing, you share your kind words of encouragement… and many of you come back again and again.  I think that is rare in the industry.

So, thank you!  Thank you for your business.  Thank you for making this endeavor enjoyable and fulfilling.  We hope to see you this week as we celebrate our One Year Anniversary.  We have a number of fun activities planned for you.  If you can’t make it in this week, we hope to see you very soon!

Sincerely and in gratitude,

Kristi Paul

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