When you watch “demo day” on those HGTV shows, it looks so fun. Let’s just say, it isn’t what its made out to be on TV. But, what is? Yesterday, my husband Doug, landlord Scott, and I spent 7 hours taking down walls that were built to last. We discovered the brick wall downstairs was really a stone and cement wall, which required a jack hammer (sorry neighbors). We learned walls weren’t built with just frame and drywall, but rather lots of wood and plaster (or was it cement?). Thankfully, Scott knew what he was doing, because Doug and I certainly didn’t. And, really, how lucky am I to have a landlord who spent his Sunday helping us out?

Needless to say it was a lot of hard work, but we are now another day closer to opening. Which makes all the hard work very worth it. Plus, it was just cool learning how this awesome old building was constructed. I wish we didn’t have to cover up the beautiful brick wall we discovered in the new kitchen.

Check out more pictures in the gallery.

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